Feb 4, 2009

late night ramblings

I haven't been writing much outside of memes, so here's what's on my mind right now.... all stream of conscious like....

I have been super busy at work lately, but it's totally fine. My worst day at this job is still better than my best day at the last place. (The people there were amazing though, and I miss them dearly each and every day!!) I am so blessed to have found this new venture!

I am so very sick to death of the ice and snow that I don't think I can take it anymore. I feel like this winter is never going to end. Ever want to know how much I love my kids? Every winter I endure is a testament to how committed I am to providing stability in their lives and a hometown for them to call their own.

I love to do my nails, but I rarely have time to do it. This is only on my mind right now because my nails look like crap and it is bothering me.

I have been back to crafting again. This week I am making a giftie for a friend. I have finally hit the wall in my scrapbooking where I now need to organize. I hate that part. But my pics are all out of order. Blech. I wish the picture sorting fairy would visit overnight and just take care of all of it for me. I have a couple of scrapbook events coming up that I am super stoked about, so this is my motivation to get moving with it.

One of the scrapbook projects I am really wanting to work on is my Disney stuff. But for some reason I am too overwhelmed to start. I think it is because I want it to be perfect. I'm not sure if we'll ever take a trip like that again, and it was such a wonderful experience that I want to capture it just right and do it justice.

I got DH a blanket wrap for Christmas. We all fight over it all the time because it is so warm and cozy. We have tons of blankets and afghans, but for now we all want this one. Right now I am all wrapped up in it. DH knows this, but he's letting it slide because that's the kind of guy he is. He loves me.

I left my phone in my office, which isn't really a big deal, except that I have an alarm on it that goes off at 7:30am and will keep ringing for an hour if you don't turn it off manually. My office is locked. They guy in the office next to me gets in at 7am and I get in at 9. Heh heh.

So that's what's on my mind tonight. What are you thinking about?

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