Feb 19, 2009

month of love #8

I love techie gadgets. I was raised by an electronics geek, and now I am one. I try to stay pretty current on tech trends that are happening. Part of my job is to prep tech news stories for a radio show, and it is one of my favorite things I do for work!

I have so many gadgets that I have come to depend on. Tivo - love. I never know what's playing at the movie theater anymore because I never watch commercials! GPS - love. Who needs to stress about directions?! Wanna know where the nearest Starbucks is? Just ask GPS! iPod - love. Tune in and tune out. Wii - love. Family fun all the way!

Oh, and then there is my dear sweet Crackberry. L O V E. It is like an appendage now. I could never live without it.

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