Feb 16, 2009

month of love #6

I love my deck. It is one of my favorite things about my house. On weekends, I often take my morning coffee out on the deck. I love to just sit out there with the sun on my face listening to the birds. It is incredibly serene. My grandmother is a bird watcher and can correctly identify a bird from the most obscure details. We were sitting out on my porch one time, and I asked her if she could tell me which bird it was that had been sitting in the branch squaking at me like that all spring. She was able to name it correctly just from its call. There are so many birds out in my yard. I have enjoyed putting feeders out to draw them to us. My favorite are the goldfinches. They are so tiny and beautiful. I have seen some hummingbirds also, but I have never been skilled at attracting them long term. It is such quiet beauty living out off of that porch. I am happy to seize any time I have the opportunity to sit out and enjoy it.

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