Feb 11, 2009

month of love #3

I love the Barenaked Ladies. THE Barenaked Ladies, not barenaked ladies - for those who may be confused. I'm talking about the band. I have certainly waxed poetic about them on my blog before. My blog title - life, in a nutshell - is a BNL song, as are all of the headers for my sidebar, and all of the quotes are BNL song lyrics. My little ode to those kooky boys from up north.

I'm not sure what it is about this band that has captured me so, but I just find them so darned entertaining. If you want a fun rockin' good time, plunk down the dough and check out their live show. There is nothing like it. From what I remember that is..... it is getting to be waaaaay too long since they have gone on tour. I am starting to go through withdrawal from it actually. They really need to get back in the studio and crank out that next album before I LOSE IT.

Every year I have to talk myself out of going on the Ships and Dip BNL cruise. Because that would be ridiculous and I can't afford it blah blah. But Sarah McLaughlin was going to be there this year, and I started looking into flights before I talked myself off the ledge this time. It was rough.

I have always thought Stunt was my favorite album of theirs, but after playing in my car exclusively from October to December last year, I'm not sure anymore. I think I may have finally wore it out. For now at least. My favorite songs are probably The Old Apartment, Break Your Heart, and War on Drugs. Ed is my favorite, but I tend to like Steve songs more. (There are two lead singers - just another weird thing about this band.) When I buy tickets to their shows I intentionally choose seats that are Ed side (Ed side and Steve side are actual terms in the BNL fan community).

Besides, how can you not love a guy who sits and records forty acoustic videos from a bathroom?

And to be fair - let's give Steve some face time.....

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