Feb 14, 2009

month of love #5

Since it is Valentine's Day, it is only fitting that I dedicate this month of love post to the love of my life. He is such an amazing man! He takes care of me and my girls in a way that nobody else would or could. We don't really have one of those "eyes meeting across the crowded dance floor, it was love at first sight" kind of stories, but that's ok. We just sorta started hanging out in the same circles, and then we were hanging out just the two of us, and then the rest is history. I remember back then thinking what a go with the flow kind of person he was, and I am always drawn to people like that. I remember being aware of how willing he always was to do nice things for others.

He and I always have such a good time together. We have a date today, and I am so looking forward to it. We don't even really have plans - we'll just wing it and I'm sure that no matter where we end up it will be a good time. I always look forward to and enjoy planning our vacations because those are the best times. Free of the everyday mudane responsibilities we are both really able to float and be free to relish the time together just basking in each other's presence. The activities are irrelevant.

I am sure that our everyday lives aren't very exciting to most, but we are happy. We slow dance in the kitchen to the music of our love. The girls say "Ewwwww" when they catch us smooching. We have the things we want out of life. And there is noone else on earth with whom I would rather spend it. I love you, Valentine!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Hun I love u