Nov 24, 2008

manic monday 143

Do you ever talk to yourself out loud? What do you talk about? \I do this all the time at work. Mostly I am just working out a problem, but out loud. I also talk back to the tv. I was yelling at Grey's so loud on tivo, DH thought something was wrong and came running! (But seriously!! That whole Denny thing..... ?!?!) What the???

What stresses you out?

Abstract issues. Food. Deadlines. Whining. Traffic. Indecisiveness. People who complain but aren't willing to do anything to change the situation. Being on time. Nightmares. Too many details.

What are your secret talents?
I have good intuition. I am able to size people up quickly and accurately. I am a creative problem solver. I can think outside the box and find solutions. I can also be pretty convincing when I want to be.

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