Nov 5, 2008

month of gratitude #5

Today I am grateful for this little gem.....

What in the world did we do before Google? I admit it - I looooove me some Google. I use it as a verb. Google it. Admit it - you do too. My homepage is set to iGoogle. I love all the little apps and gadgets they come up with. I love the email which has the best spam filter I've ever experienced, the photo organizer, the satellite imagery, and of course the platform for me to spout off at the mouth! It is my primary information source. I mean, come on! What's the first thing you do when you want to know the capital of Bangladesh, or the lifespan of a ladybug, or the recipe for chicken marsala?

I don't know how I lived without you all those years, but I'm glad you're here now, Dear Google. My reliable little friend.


It's Just Me...and my coffee! said...

Ah, yes! Google. I am not even share how all of it works because they have so many new things. =]

agent713 said...

Oooh good one! iGoogle is my homepage too. Love Google :)