Nov 14, 2008

month of gratitude #14

Today I am grateful for movie classics.

Right now we are watching this:

We were all excited to watch. I was explaining to the kidlets that when I was little (back in the olden days? *smack!*) I used to get to stay up late to watch this movie every year. That one and this one:

Then I had to explain to them that we couldn't watch these movies anytime we wanted to because we didn't have a DVD player. I didn't even have a VCR. (A what? Is that the thing that plays those things that aren't discs?) And it was a big event at our house to get to stay up and watch the movie and we would make popcorn on the stove. (On the stove? Why didn't you just make it in the microwave? What do you mean you didn't have a microwave? How did you make things HOT??? Oh - and can WE make some popcorn right now? In the microwave?)

Two seconds in my little one wants to know why it looks like that. (It's in black & white.) But that just said it's in "technicolor." (What does "technicolor" mean? Does that mean when it changes from looking like that to the other way? Why did they call it "technicolor" anyways instead of just calling it color?)

After we get all the technicalities out of the way we are all into it and singing along. Then my oldest realizes that they are all having quite a good time celebrating killing someone. We haven't even touched on the "special" effects at this point.

The thing was, we were all cuddled up together, enjoying our quiet night in. We were sharing in the joy of watching one of my favorite movies. We were laughing and having a good time. We were regaling in tales of the "olden days." (Seriously, I am not that old! I resent all this olden days nonsense!) My oldest does a really good "I'm mellllltinggggggg!" while dissolving into a puddle on the floor. And those flying monkeys still creep me out a bit!

What a great evening!! And I am grateful for that. There really is no place like home.

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Bridget said...

OMG, you should have invited me over b/c I was watching The Wizard of Oz too!! Actually my face lit up like a Christmas tree when I realized it was on!! Ha ha. It was always a big event in our house when it came on (always around Thanksgiving time). We also got excited for Sound of Music (Annie and Star Wars too...ha ha). The good old days...when dinosaurs roamed the earth...