Nov 4, 2008

month of gratitude #4

Something tells me there will be a lot of similarities to today's gratitudes.....

So, today I am grateful that MY VOTE COUNTS. I had a great conversation with the kiddos on what to expect at our polling place this morning from the last minute campaigners outside, to the solemnity inside. I made sure they noted the process of my identity being verified so that MY vote was MY vote and that no one else could have it. That I was given the privacy to make MY own decision. That I placed MY vote in the reader to be counted. That I had made MY choice known. So that no matter what the outcome is, that I had MY say and played MY part in the process. We talked about the things that made this particular election unique, and about some of the unique ones there have been in the past. Some of the things that I pray will be non-issues when the time comes for their votes to be counted.

It was a great day. Because no matter the outcome, MY VOTE COUNTED.

(Now if you haven't already, turn off the interwebs and get out there and have YOUR vote counted too!) :)

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