Nov 30, 2008

month of gratitude #30

Today is the last day of this challenge. I have really appreciated the opportunity to stop and reflect on all of the little things in my life for which I am grateful. I haven't delved too deeply into some of the more personal issues as that just isn't my nature most of the time. I did want to acknowledge though that I am of course grateful each and every day for all of those things big and small. I have had to work hard for what I have and I try never to take that for granted, even when all I have is love and prayer. I also believe that it is important to take the time to enjoy it. If we don't, then what is the point?

Thank you, Sherry! This has been fun! What do you have for us next?

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agent713 said...

Wow. I just caught up on your Month of posts. Awesome. I'm not going to comment on each one but take it from me. You need to blog more! I love reading what you have to say :)